The dipping powder technique is a new and innovative way to get beautiful nails. That is the new manicure trend to get nails to last longer than gel. If you are quite not so sure about what you should get for yourself then great news for you that you’re one to the right place because we are will to blow your mind out with our varieties of color choices. The benefits of doing nature dipping powder are:


Dipping powder bases are formulated to build the health and strength of the natural nails.


There’s virtually no odor, and that’s a huge change in the salon enviroment.


Drying in instant!

Flexible and Strong

The resulting of nail  is both flexible and strong, so it combines the best of acrylics and gel manicure.


The treated nail last 4 days or more in real life everyday use.


The nail feels light and natural, and yet it’s strong enough to use for those demanding chores.

Great Nail/ Art

The natural dipping powder open up a whole new world of nail artistry